How To Choose The Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

Sitting for long hours can be uncomfortable, even detrimental to your health. However, most of us have no choice as we spend many hours working behind a computer, especially with the work-from-home trend. 

These days, standing desks have grown more popular in Malaysia as users prefer to be able to stretch their legs, instead of sitting in the same posture all day long. To take things up a notch, many prefer the option of a standing desk by picking height adjustable desk so they can switch between sitting and standing conveniently. 

Features To Consider When Choosing A Standing Desk

Feature 1: Height 

Would you like the convenience of switching between sitting and standing? Pick a sit-stand desk with a large range of height to accommodate your height in both positions. Remember to take your chair height into account for this! 

Balak’s Meja is a standing wooden desk with adjustable height that blends in perfectly with minimalist or wooden themes.

Feature 2: Ease of Movement

The best standing desks are easy to use, accommodating to the different tasks you have throughout the day. Height adjustable desk are divided into two kinds: hand crank and motor-powered. 

1. Manual Desks 

No plug points, no problem!  Manual desks have a hand crank to adjust their heights. This is for those who want something old-school, or a simple table that does not need electricity. Such a timeless mechanism also ensures that your table will last a long, long time. 

Balak’s Meja Neo is a hand-crack height-adjustable desk with a sleek design

2. Motor-powered desks 

Motor-powered desks are for those who favor ease, convenience, and quiet. It requires easy access to electricity, though this should not be a problem since office setups are usually close to plug points.

You can pre-programme several heights with electric standing desks like Balak’s Meja Soul, so the transition between heights will always be convenient.

Feature 3: Material

Office desks have to withstand the friction of daily use, it is your physical workspace after all! The material should age well, and it should not scratch or stain easily. 

Timber is a good material for desks as it looks better with age and can withstand years of regular use. Desks are often a major piece of furniture in a home office setup, so a good timber desk is important to tie the room well together.

Balak’s Meja is made from quality timber that only looks better with time

Feature 4: Practicality 

Choose an office desk suitable for your work, paying attention to details such as its weight capacity if you are planning to place heavy equipment on it.

Balak’s Meja has a load-bearing capacity of 100kg.

The measurements of the office desk should be according to your work habits and workspace. Do you like to spread your stuff around? Or do you only have a narrow space? 

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