Your How-To Guide On Home Office Ergonomics

Workspace ergonomics is important whether it’s for your home office, or company workplace! Since we spend most of our time behind our computers for work or entertainment, it is important we prioritise ergonomics for the sake of our health. This will prevent many muscle aches and strains in the long-run!

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There are several main components to building an ergonomic home office: 

Key Furniture 1: Chair 

Your chair is one of the key components of your workspace that will determine the health of your back and spine. The wrong chair could easily cause lower back pain or shoulder aches in just one sitting. 

What should you look out for in a chair?

  1. Spinal support – ensure that the chair has proper curves to support your spine as straight back chairs can grow uncomfortable over long periods. A quick solution is to place a cushion on your lower back, which can alleviate lower back pain in the short run.
  2. Headrest – Many office chairs also have headrests that support the neck so you can lean back fully and keep your back straight. 
  3. Proper height – Get a chair with an adjustable height function to cater to your office desk. A chair that is too low strains the shoulders, while a chair that is too tall hurts your back! Having your feet resting properly on the ground is also a plus point to ensure that you are comfortable. 

In fact, gaming chairs are specifically designed for long hours of sitting, so if that sounds like you, be sure to check them out! 

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Key Furniture 2: Monitor / Laptop Stand 

It is important to keep our necks in a comfortable position when we are sitting for long hours. Other than adjusting your chair’s height, the monitor height can also be adjusted via a monitor stand. 
For optimal results, ensure that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Consider purchasing a desktop mini table like Balak’s Meja Mini to raise the height of your monitor or laptop. You could also keep your desk space clear by storing your keyboard underneath when not in use!

Balak’s Meja Mini, for raising monitor height or simply extra desk space

Key Furniture 3: Desk 

The desk is the centrepiece of your home office setup, and for many people who work primarily at their computers, it defines one’s workspace. Take time to consider your needs and the type of desk that would suit you.

What should you look out for in an ergonomic desk? 

  1. Your desk should have space for your knees – no more pesky bruises! 
  2. A comfortable edge so it would not dig into your forearms as you work. Quality wooden tables will have sanded, rounded edges and corners. 
  3. Height. This prevents muscle tension in the shoulders if the table is too tall, or a hunched posture if the table is too short. 

You can go as simple or customized as you like – from regular desks to height adjustable desks or even standing desks depending on your office setup. 

Desks with adjustable heights come in two kinds – manual and motor-powered. 

1. Manual – Balak’s Meja Neo comes with a hand crank that allows you to manually adjust the height of your desk. This ergonomic wooden desk is perfect for those who do not have a plug point to spare for their tables, and this timeless mechanism will ensure that your desk will last a very, very long time!

Balak’s Meja Neo hand crank

2. Motor-powered: Balak’s Meja Soul is for the modern workman who wants a more futuristic workspace setup. Easily convert your sitting desk into a standing desk whenever you feel like it, you can even programme up to four height presets for your convenience!

Balak’s Meja Soul and its adjustable height function

In the end, take your time to browse for ergonomic office furniture that suits your needs. It will definitely pay off in the long run!

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