Guide to a Minimalist Aesthetic Work Desk


A clean, uncluttered workspace has always been a source of peace to many but recently, the term ‘minimalist’ has become all the rage. Aesthetic minimalist desk setups are pleasing to the eye, it simply is calming to the mind to sit in a comfortable, uncluttered space every day. It’s just satisfying! 

We have put together a definitive guide to help those looking to put together a minimalist computer, study, or work desk setup. Read further to learn more! 

1. Sufficient Storage

A minimalist work desk is also an uncluttered one. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any stuff, it just means everything has its place! Use mini drawers, cups and folders to store miscellaneous items so you don’t end up with random stationery and keepsakes all over your desk simply because you don’t know where to put them. 

Many are familiar with the brand Muji that creates minimalist products. While you don’t have to stick to a plain colour scheme, if you’re a fan of the visual aesthetic, Muji is a great place to purchase trays, boxes and drawers to place on your desk! 

Alternatively, increase desktop space by creating tiers like this Meja Mini from BALAK’s that also functions as a monitor stand. 

Store notebooks or your keyboard under the Meja Mini when they’re not in use.

Plan your storage so that items that are used every day are on your desk, easily reachable. These include your phone, frequently used stationery etc. Pegboards and desk organizers help you categorize your items so you can find them easily. 

Deskpads help reduce the friction between your everyday items and the desk, therefore reducing wear and tear. Some people also like how deskpads section out a separate work zone. Check out BALAK’s X TYDE Desk Pad made with durable Tuscany vegetarian tanned leather – sophisticated, minimalist, elegant. 

Protect your table from scratches and spills with a Deskpad.

2. Desk Selection

Choose a desk according to your needs and the nature of your work. Ergonomics is important in this case to maximise the efficiency of your movements and prevent repetitive strain injury. Do you suffer from aches and pains after a long day of sitting in the same position? A height adjustable desk like BALAK’s Meja Soul prevents such strains from working at a desk that is too tall or too short. When you’re tired of sitting, ergonomic desks also allow you to work standing up. 

Ergonomic height-adjustable desk powered by a dual motor system: the BALAK’s Meja Soul

3. Cable Management

Cables gather dust and it’s always a headache untangling knots of wires. They are a major source of permanent clutter that can be easily solved by proper cable management solutions.  Keep excess wires hidden and out of the way with the Wayar-Less, a sleek steel panel for your cables – and suits your minimalist desk aesthetics.

No more tangled messes and unsightly clutter. Get your cables in order with Wayar-Less

4. Invest In Good Accessories

Choose only accessories that you love. It doesn’t have to be minimalist but selecting accessories that fit your overall aesthetic will tie the whole workspace together! Invest in good quality equipment that you will enjoy using every day, e.g. good Bluetooth speakers or cool custom-built keyboards that are currently trending as a hobby on the Internet. 

Jam out with the BALAK’s X RuarkAudio award-winning MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found helpful tips for your minimal desk steps! Check out our other BALAK’s minimalist ergonomic desks here

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