Introducing Balak’s Meja


Have you heard of the BALAK’s Meja yet? Read further to find out more about this ergonomic timber desk created by a home-grown Malaysia brand! 

A Little About BALAK’s 

A proud homegrown brand from Penang, BALAK’s focuses on manufacturing quality ergonomic standing desks. During our 35 years of experience in the industry, we have strived to attain the delicate balance between traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation, and accessible pricing, honouring raw materials as gifts of nature. Here, we use our knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist to promote comfort and convenience.

BALAK’s Meja & Meja Soul: The Bespoke Malaysian Ergonomic Standing Desk

Looking for a quality solid wood desk for your home office? Why not make it an adjustable height table too? An ergonomic standing desk allows you to stretch throughout the day, alleviating pesky aches and pains caused by sitting at a desk for too long, or simply at a desk that is at the wrong height. 

The BALAK’s Meja is a very sturdy wooden table suited for an ergonomic setup consisting of a 100% wooden tabletop (thickness 34mm) powered by a dual-motor system. 

Specifications for the BALAK’s Meja & Meja Soul:

  • Material: 100% Wood
  • System: Dual-motor 
  • Adjustable height range: 70-120cm 
  • Load bearing capacity: 100kg 
  • Tabletop thickness: 34mm 
  • Tabletop weight: 30-40kg
  • Deskframe weight: 25kg 

The BALAK’s Meja ergonomic standing desk is built for the modern work-from-home lifestyle.
Balak's Meja Soul outdoor 2
BALAK’s Meja Soul height adjustable desk has a one-of-a-kind live edge. 

The Meja Soul is designed with a live edge. What is a live edge?

Traditionally, a product with a ‘live-edge’ means it’s made with a single dried log cut straight through to produce slabs as wide and long as the log allows. The log’s natural curvature is preserved instead of sanded into a straight edge. 

The Meja Soul is slightly different – while the natural grain and knots are preserved, the solid wood table tops are made by piecing together several slabs instead of one. Chopping up wooden slabs removes their elasticity which prevents bending; the joints imitate the live edge’s structure to provide comparable strength and load-bearing capacities. This is also the secret to keeping our prices lower than other similar tables in the market: it uses smaller trees, lowers rejection rates, and dramatically speeds up the manufacturing process!

Meja Soul is an electric desk that also allows for height presets. 

How do BALAK’s prices compare with other brands?

Solid wooden tables in the market are usually priced at RM3,000-4,000 without these adjustable functions. Balaks has a competitive edge with prices starting from RM1,699 while still bringing you quality products made of quality timber. 

A two-year warranty is extended to the mold steel frame and electrical components of the product. It is applicable to manufacturing, material and workmanship defects, such as malfunctioning electrical parts. Click here for the full warranty policy.

Continuous Innovation & Improvements

We are currently at Meja Version 2.0: with improved tabletop and desk frames. We have enhanced our manufacturing processes by adding 5 layers of finishing on the tabletop to avoid cracks in the wood. The new designs for the desk frames are also more stable, eliminating the wobbles. 

Interested in knowing more about these ergonomic standing desks? Click here to browse the BALAK’s catalogue!

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