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Much like solid wood, every piece of Balaks x Tyde desk pad is unique.
Where Meja has wood grain, the leather desk pad has one-of-a-kind crease and folds.



Tyde Goods was founded in 2015 by Zi Xian and Joyce. Both Malaysia-based graphic designers, they wanted to join forces and bring their passions to life. Their mission is to restore craftsmanship with the respect it deserves and deliver high quality products that will accompany their customers for years. Trends change, but the leather art remains.

TYDE’s leather goods go through a stringent review and feedback process. They’re carefully researched, designed, prototyped, and tested over extended periods of time to ensure hitting their particular standards of functionality and durability. As Zi Xian and Joyce breath life into leather, they also want to give these products a chance to last.

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TYDE x Balak's Deskpad Size Chart 1
TYDE x Balak's Deskpad Size Chart 2
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Balak's x Tyde 2 Leather pad