Here are the most frequent asked question

1. New order shipping duration.

The estimated delivery duration is 4 weeks. Balak’s factory was previously closed down due to Covid-19 cases, hence the delay on shipment. Original shipping duration was 7-14days.

2. What kind of wood do you use for the tabletop?

Meja tabletops are made of Meranti, a soft to firm hardwood timber. It is popular for its workability, which allows for easy cutting and processing into shapes.

3. Where do you ship?

We’re only able to ship within East/Peninsula Malaysia at the moment.
Your order will be shipped using BBB Express.

4. How long does the delivery take?

For normal situation (without MCO), your order will reach you within 7-14 working days

5. Do you provide any warranty for your product?

Yes, we do provide one year warranty for our Meja (The Meja & The Meja Neo), it covers control part and mechanical part.

6. Do I need to assemble the desk myself?

Yes, as we do not provide on-site installation at the moment.

You can find the Installation guide here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTo2ryvqT07-bDWRWbEbctA

7. Do you provide instalment service?

No, we do not provide on-site installation at the moment but installation service will be available soon to customer staying in Klang Valley & Penang.

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