Balak’s Warranty Policy

BALAK’s products are guaranteed to be free from defective materials, manufacturing and workmanship.​

A two-year warranty is extended to the mold steel frame and electrical components of the product. It is applicable to manufacturing, material and workmanship defects, such as malfunctioning electrical parts.

The warranty is valid for the original purchaser with a proof of purchase and is not transferrable. Upon reception, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the wooden surface of the product for any defects. The wooden surface will be deemed free of defects if no issues are reported within 7 days of reception.​


Exceptions to the coverage include but are not limited to:
– products modified or repaired by the purchaser and/or a third party
– defects caused by improper assembly and/or use
– regular wear and tear
– damages caused by exceeding the Meja’s load limit of 100kg
– damages caused by impacts
– scratches caused by sharp or foreign objects
– wood grain or irregularities on the wooden surface that arise from the natural texture of the material
– natural ageing of the wood in the forms of minor cracks and slight colour change over time
– changes in appearance caused by temperature and exposure to the sun
– slight bending as a result of variations in temperature and humidity ​