BALAK’s born in a traditional timber door manufacturing company. In the past 25 years, we’ve thrived as one-stop manufacturer for doors, door frames, and timber windows throughout Thailand and Malaysia.

With the experience, we are able to process the entire product, from cutting the log, to pressure treatments, to drying each piece of wood in our kilns for at least 14 days and processing into finished product within our warehouse. 

Handling the process from start to finish allows us to control the standard of the materials to bring you top-of-the-line products for you.


BALAK’s engineers quality solid wood into functional masterpieces to bring nature into your workspaces. We honour raw materials as gifts of nature, upon which traditional craftsmanship is performed with a modern twist to promote comfort and convenience.

Our robust, durable products are characterised by organically-developed wood patterns, colours and textures – these are entirely unique and impossible to replicate. Equipped with the essentials, they are also fit for any space and highly affordable.

A proud homegrown brand from Penang, BALAK’s strives with every product to attain the delicate balance between traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation and accessible pricing. Each carefully-designed detail forms the perfect embodiment of simplicity and functionality with a bespoke Malaysian flair.

– Proudly represent to you by second generation of the timber family –