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The Form & Function Series

The Form & Function series is about getting more value out of furniture and components with which we are already familiar.

This is the beginning of endless possibilities.

Equipped with the same mechanisms that power the original Meja series, the F&F series features two carved out slots on the tabletop, opening up an endless array of possibilities for meaningful collaborations and add-ons: plug-and-play pieces that broaden our definition of a desk while making space for creative spins on aesthetics.

Take a seat,
this is just the entrée.

Entray is a simple, elegant solution to keeping track of everyday items that get lost in the everyday clutter. The name is a play on entrée, apt for the opening act to our next course, as we double down on pursuing the perfect balance between Form and Function.

Great for: stationery, loose pieces of paper, drifting bits of thoughts that could blossom into big ideas.