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What’s the future of work? Remote work “flattens the human experience”, leaving us with one-dimensional emotions, sensory deprivation and screen time domination.

Proudly introducing BALAK’s future of work – The BALAK’s X RuarkAudio Collection.

Work in the presence of nature and an award-winning sound system; experience palpable sentiments that transcend frequencies, turning audio into music: moving, motivating and mesmerizing you.

MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

Hi-fi = high price? Think again with BALAK’s x RuarkAudio.

Based in England, Ruark Audio is a design-driven audio system manufacturer. Pamper your eardrums with their award-winning MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System, a superior hi-fi speaker that won’t break your bank. Immerse yourself with live-band quality music while you conquer the career ladder.

With the MR1, you’re guaranteed solid sound foundations and robust performances delivered through custom loudspeaker units. Enjoy excellent connectivity via Bluetooth for seamless integration with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa – achieving an all-in-one compact and aesthetically pleasing package.


R1 – Deluxe Bluetooth Radio

“The Aston Martin of Dab Radios.” – The Sunday Telegraph

14 years in the making, the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio gives the word ‘radio’ a modern definition. Perfected for the discerning melophile, this critically-acclaimed sound system is the latest work desk essential.

Setting new standards for what radio should be, the R1 features a timeless, sophisticated exterior that houses an acoustically inert enclosure, enhancing the delivery of smooth hi-fi sound. In-built streaming capabilities, USB-C connectivity, headphone output and an optional remote control mean that this is a radio you can be truly proud to own.

With a crisp OLED display that automatically matches ambient light levels to show time, alarm and programme information clearly, R1 is the quintessential work-from-home companion.

ruark audio collection r1 speaker