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Zensation Hyang x BALAK's

When we met Hyang, something clicked. Perhaps it was our shared belief in the love and celebration of life through subtleties. Touch; scent – the intangible textures, the details that elevate the mundane. We want the real deal – whether it’s quality raw timber or essential oils – but we also don’t want to break banks. Hyang and Balak’s are guided by similar philosophies. Maybe we’re a tad romantic.

Picture a meadow, white with dotted yellows. A field of chamomile, each ring of white surrounding a tiny ball of gold. The wind picks up, swaying the vetiver. You smell its earthiness laced with floral saccharine.
Far beyond, sandalwood stands; its warmth punctuated occasionally by the coldness of peppermint, like the sharp breath you draw when you come up for air after being underwater way too long. Towering as the perennials are, they’re only shielding you from prying eyes. This is your secret clearing – welcome back.

Zensation is a careful concoction: peppermint for focus, sandalwood for warmth, chamomile for calmness and vetiver for balance.

It is often not the presence of details that are noticed, but the absence. We could be distracted, but our senses don’t lie. A faint trace or a familiar caress could bring back time lost, and memories gained.

Dreamscape is a different thing to different people. You may think you’ve never been, but it resides deep within our subconscious – you just have to remember. Zensation is our version of Dreamscape, and we’re inviting you in. It’ll evoke a sense of calmness and sharp focus, creating a sanctuary wherein you’re safe to uncover your dreams.

Cut the noise, listen close. It’s always been our hope that you find your way back to yourself. And to begin, you don’t yet need a desk that costs you thousands. Start small, start with scent.

Carry a whiff of us with you wherever you are.

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