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Alterseat Prime Bundle

From RM4,275.60

Alterseat Prime Bundle


From RM4,275.60


Gold meets gold in our latest Alterseat x BALAK’s Bundle šŸŽ–ļø

Featuring the DT Primeā„¢ (DonatiĀ®ļø Edition) Ergonomic Chair and the bestselling Meja Soul, the bundle represents an exhilarating blend of sleek modernity and timeless natural beauty, both crafted with expert ergonomics precision.

Style and functionality seamlessly converge on DT Primeā„¢ with heavy-duty mechanisms and extra-strength materials, guaranteeing durability without sacrificing style. With customizations built into every detail, take complete control of your comfort and postural health with this curated bundle.

*Installation service is for Meja Soul only


BALAKā€™s Meja Soul

* 100% solid wood sourced in Asia

* 3 customizable height presets

* 34mm tabletop thickness

* Height-adjustable from 75 to 120cm (Motorized)

* Height-adjustable from 75 to 115cm (Handcrank)

* Dual-motor system

* 100kg load capacity

* Pre-drilled for easier installation

DT Primeā„¢ (DonatiĀ®ļø Edition)

* Heavy-duty DonatiĀ®ļø Mechanism

* 5D Adjustable Armrests (360Ā° rotation, left-right, angled left-angled right, front-back, up-down)

* Standardised size of backrest highly suited for typical Asian height

* Forward Tilt Function with Angle Lock

* 5-Locking Recline Mechanism with Angle Lock

* 3-layered Luxe-touch Woven Fibreā„¢ with Anti-Slip Support Mesh

* Adjustable Cushioned Lumbar Support with Rolling Mechanism (Height-adjustable)

* Manual Recline Tension Adjustment Function

* Class 4 Heavy-Duty Gas Lift Certified by SGS and BIFMA

* Heavy-Duty Aluminium Base with PU Rollers

* Adjustable Headrest (Height & Angle)

* Slidable Seat (Front and Back)

* Adjustable Chair Height with Pressure Pump

* Coat Hanger

* Heavy Duty Long-Lasting Material that can withstand Maximum of 350kg

Warranty & Return

* All Mejas are entitled to a two-year warranty on the tabletop, mold steel frame and electrical components. A one-year extension is available at 10% of the product price.

Full warranty policy:

Learn more.

For returns, refer here.

* DT Primeā„¢ (DonatiĀ® Edition) comes with a 3 Years Full Chairs Warranty that covers Headrest, Body Frame, Wheelbase, Mechanism & Gaslift.

For full DT Primeā„¢ (DonatiĀ® Edition) warranty & return policy, please refer here.


Solid wood is coveted for its organic texture and strength. It introduces a touch of warmth to any room it resides in. Itā€™s also imperfect, like us. It has character, itā€™s inimitable, it wears its imperfections like battle scars – a medal of commendation for having survived harsh conditions (only to be cut down and kept within four walls).

We fill in the holes and cracks that may negatively impact the structural integrity, user experience and durability of the desk. But we donā€™t overdo it. This allows for minimum waste and promotes appreciation of imperfection – without compromising on form and function.

Let them thrive under your care as they are meant to. Wood expands and contracts as a natural response to changing temperatures, which could result in cracking and uneven bumps on the surface. As such, we recommend placing the furniture away from heat or direct sunlight.

Exposure to moisture also negatively affects the longevity and quality of the wood. So areas with regulated humidity are highly recommended as well. Outdoor use of the furniture is not advisable for the same reason.


1. When can I expect my Meja to be shipped?

In 7-16 business days.

2. What kind of wood is used to make a Meja tabletop?

We use rubberwood, sepetir and meranti depending on availability. All are widely used in furniture making and equally beautiful.

3. How do I take care of my tabletop?

Meja tabletops are protected by 5 layers of finishing to prevent warping, among other damages. Though theyā€™re generally heat and waterproof, it is advisable to buffer hot objects with a coaster and wipe any liquids off the surface as soon as possible to prevent heat or water stains from forming.

4. Can I customize the dimensions of my Meja?

Yes. Production times for custom dimensions take from 7 to 14 business days and are final sale. Kindly contact us on FB or IG @balaksmy

5. What are my installment options?

For non-credit cardholders, consider Atomeā€™s 3-month installment plan from as low as RM333 for a Meja purchase. For Public Bank credit cardholders, enjoy flexible payment of up to 36 months from as low as RM27.75. Both options are completely interest-free. Yay.

Whatā€™s DT Primeā„¢ (DonatiĀ® Edition) warranty in Alterseat Prime Bundle?

During the applicable warranty period, Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd will repair, replace, or refund (at its option and in accordance with applicable law) any product, part, or component covered by this warranty.

*Notes: We must receive the damaged item before any replacement/refund can be issued.

1. What our warranty does not cover

Alterseat does NOT cover the following under this warranty:

– Normal wear and tear, the wear and tear or degradation of mesh, top portion of armrests (armpad), lumbar support, fabric of the seat, exterior of castors, variance of tightness of mechanisms.

– Any damage to the Products or to any property or person caused by failure to adhere to Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd published instructions and guidelines, accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire, or other acts of nature or external causes (including, without limitation, use of the Product in unsuitable environment or conditions).

– Defects in a Product that has been modified or altered, including the substitution of any unauthorised components for use in place of the original components in the Product.

– Defects in a Product caused by failure to use, apply, install, reconfigure, or maintain the Product or component according to Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd published instructions.

– Minor aesthetic and cosmetic abnormalities or variations which do not affect the functionality of the Product.

– The labour required to replace any defective parts on your Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd products (Klang Valley are available subject to availability).

2. How to make a warranty claim

– Have your proof of purchase ready (Receipt and details). A valid proof of purchase (your email receipt/hardcopy receipt) must be presented for any warranty claim to enable Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd to reasonably verify the claim.

– Submit your claims via our customer service contact to ensure proper handling. You must provide us with a clear photograph or video of the alleged defect, and/or other details we may request regarding the defect. If you refuse to send us the photograph or video that we need to process your claim, we assume that you have abandoned your claim or that it is invalid.

– Customer need to send back the defective part to us via trackable shipping service(out of klang valley area), you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Upon receiving and verifying the defective part, we will ship a replacement to you at our own cost. Clear instructions will be provided to guide you on installing the replacement part. Replacement parts are covered by the balance of the original warranty, or as required under applicable law, whichever is longer.

Alterseat (M) Sdn Bhd reserves the right to determine whether a benefit under this warranty may be claimed. Any item requiring repair or replacement due to any of the warranty exclusions will be at the purchaserā€™s expense.

Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd also reserves the right to refuse any warranty claims if it has reason to believe that the claim is fraudulent or made in bad faith.

Any repair or replacement under this warranty is limited to the defective part or material only. Components replaced under this warranty may vary in colour and texture to the original.

Where Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd has determined that a benefit under this warranty may be claimed, the costs incurred in repairing or replacing the specific defective part or material (including the cost of materials) shall be borne by Alterseat(M) Sdn Bhd.

3. Limitations of our liability to you, we are responsible only for actual and direct damage proved resulted from the products itself. Inappropriate use of products, tools that caused direct damage will be not under our responsibility.


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Installation services is only available for customer located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only.

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