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BALAK’s Meja

From RM2,149.00

BALAK’s Meja


From RM2,149.00


Solid wood ergonomic desk transforming your workspace into a functional work of art.

An affordable electric height-adjustable desk with dual motor-powered mold steel frame and durable solid wood table top. This is furniture made with heart and made to last. Let it be a part of your journey to the possibility we call ‘the future’.

Mix and match currently not available.


  • 100% solid wood sourced in Asia
  • 3 customizable height presets
  • 34mm tabletop thickness
  • Height-adjustable from 75 to 120cm
  • Dual-motor system
  • 100kg load capacity
  • Pre-drilled for easier installation

30 Days Trial

Enjoy 30-day free trial and a no questions asked return policy when you purchase a Meja with the installation add-on. Click here to learn more.

Warranty & Return

All Mejas are entitled to a two-year warranty on the tabletop, mold steel frame and electrical components. A one-year extension is available at 10% of the product price.

Learn more.

For returns, refer here.


Solid wood is coveted for its organic texture and strength. It introduces a touch of warmth to any room it resides in. It’s also imperfect, like us. It has character, it’s inimitable, it wears its imperfections like battle scars – a medal of commendation for having survived harsh conditions (only to be cut down and kept within four walls).

We fill in the holes and cracks that may negatively impact the structural integrity, user experience and durability of the desk. But we don’t overdo it. This allows for minimum waste and promotes appreciation of imperfection – without compromising on form and function.

Let them thrive under your care as they are meant to. Wood expands and contracts as a natural response to changing temperatures, which could result in cracking and uneven bumps on the surface. As such, we recommend placing the furniture away from heat or direct sunlight.

Exposure to moisture also negatively affects the longevity and quality of the wood. So areas with regulated humidity are highly recommended as well. Outdoor use of the furniture is not advisable for the same reason.


1. When can I expect my Meja to be shipped?

In 7-16 business days.

2. What kind of wood is used to make a Meja tabletop?

We use rubberwood, sepetir and meranti depending on availability. All are widely used in furniture making and equally beautiful.

3. Are installation services available?

Installation is currently only available for Meja orders in Klang Valley (KL & Selangor). A flat fee of RM150 is applicable. Kindly purchase the installation add-on if needed.

4. How do I take care of my tabletop?

Meja tabletops are protected by 5 layers of finishing to prevent warping, among other damages. Though they’re generally heat and waterproof, it is advisable to buffer hot objects with a coaster and wipe any liquids off the surface as soon as possible to prevent heat or water stains from forming.

5. Can I customize the dimensions of my Meja?

Yes. Production times for custom dimensions take from 7 to 14 business days and are final sale. Kindly contact us on FB or IG @balaksmy

6. What’s the difference between a Meja and Meja Neo?

  • Meja motorised version supported by dual-motor system
  • Neo hand-crank version and require no power source. More portable.

7. What are my installment options?

For non-credit cardholders, consider Atome’s 3-month installment plan from as low as RM867 for a Meja purchase. For Public Bank credit cardholders, enjoy flexible payment of up to 36 months from as low as RM72.20. Both options are completely interest-free. Yay.

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Installation services is only available for customer located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only.

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  1. Samuel

    I recently purchased Balak’s Meja, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. This table has truly transformed my workspace and daily life.

    Design and Build Quality (5/5):
    The table’s design is sleek and modern, blending seamlessly with my existing furniture. It feels incredibly sturdy and well-built, assuring me of its durability over time. The adjustable mechanism is smooth and easy to use, with precise height settings that cater to various needs.

    Versatility (5/5):
    What I love most about this table is its versatility. Whether I’m working on my laptop, reading, or even using it as a standing desk, it adapts effortlessly to my needs. This adaptability has improved my productivity and comfort significantly.

    Ease of Assembly (4/5):
    Setting up the table was straightforward, thanks to the clear instructions provided. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble, and I appreciate that all the necessary tools were included. No issues with the assembling process.

    Price and Value (5/5):
    Considering the quality and functionality this table offers, I believe it’s worth every penny. It’s an investment in both comfort and ergonomics, which are essential aspects of any workspace.

    Points for improvement:
    Given that it is considered a relatively “high priced” purchase for me, would be nice if the delivery of the table included a card explaining the type of wood and its production process. In short, the presentation and delivery of the item can be better.

    In summary, the Balak’s Meja Adjustable Table is a fantastic addition to my home. Its versatile design, sturdy build, and ease of use make it a top-notch choice for anyone in need of an adjustable table. I’m genuinely delighted with this purchase, and I highly recommend it to others looking to enhance their workspace or living area.

  2. Ashlynne

    I am very satisfied with the table, the wood is very nice. I assembled it by myself, the process is easy but the table and frame is very heavy, you might need two persons to flip it over. Room for improvement are: the height control panel needs a screw driver to install, it could be better if it can be replaced with the screw that used allen key. And since balak source from a few types of wood, it will be better to let us know what type of wood we bought.

  3. erictanyt92

    Good wood quality

  4. JC

    Bought 2 tables, each with its unique color and wood design – love them to bits!!

  5. JC

    Bought 2 tables, both have its own unique color tone and wood grain – love it to bits!! Very durable too!!

  6. Bill

    Pretty satisfied with my purchase, I think i got lucky and the tone of table that I got was a bit darker which is what I preferred. No crack or scratches or what so ever. Love the idea that is can be adjusted in height as I prefer to stand and work most of the time. Very sturdy and it doesn’t shake even when it is at the maximum height. Had it assembled by the delivery person, and all is well. Customer support service was amazing, kept me updated all along the way regarding the delivery and all that.

  7. wsl

    This is one of my big purchase item. Before I bought it, I have doubts about the quality of the frame. After using it for 2 weeks, I am more than satisfied. The desk is sturdy. Even though I installed it myself, it does not wobble at the maximum height. The wood texture looks great. I can’t be more happy for this purchase.

  8. Eugene

    Overall satisfied with the purchase. I got the tall size and I feel like it is definitely the one to get if you like to have a deeper table with more space to do some desk work. The installation and setup was easy and straightforward as you can just refer to their instructional video online to save you some money on installation cost. However, I noticed my monitor does wobble slightly when i rest my palms to type on the table. Other than that, a good purchase.


  9. j.adzhar

    i absolutely love my table. glad i finally decided to hit checkout after so long. also glad i payed for installation because no way was i able to assemble it by myself. 10/10 would def recommend to anyone looking for a solid wood standing desk

  10. cliff.tan

    Solid and nice color wood. Easy installation.

  11. cliff.tan-9535

    Solid and nice wood color.

  12. Khoo

    The table is very solid and sturdy. Overall satisfied with the purchase even though delay in the delivery. The installation is very straightforward.

  13. Karen

    I am really happy with the quality based on the sturdiness and smoothness of the elevation mechanism. Was indecisive between hand crank and electrical version, glad that I chose the electrical ones – it moves very stable in reasonable speed. Hopefully it lasts longer than I expected.
    The improved LED panel with type C charging port comes really handy.
    I have also purchased a set of castor wheels so I can move the desk around but be aware you would need a taller chair as the wheels adding up some height.
    I am glad that my physical fitness is able to handle the weight during the assembly. Flipping over the wooden piece is really tough for a solo. Hopefully that’s installation service for Penang areas.

  14. Steven

    The overall order is about 2 weeks, order on 16th and received on 30th.
    Delivery done by lalamove. Pity one guy is doing the delivery. Suggest Balaks pay more to request extra helper in lalamove.
    The table is quite solid and heavy. Surface top is processed and comfort. Bottom keeps unprocessed, it will be better if it processed also.
    The installation follow YouTube is quite clear and understandable. It takes me about 1 hour to install.
    The elevation motor sound is acceptable, not noisy and quite steady/no shaking.
    I will recommend this product.

  15. Wang

    Nice and sturdy table, nice color. Some minor defect but acceptable. Easy to assemble. Pre-drilled screw is at left hand of both side, perhaps can be made at both sides. Motor is quiet and smooth. Chose the biggest size, loving it.

  16. Xavier

    Order n delivery:
    Purchased during their anniversary sale. Order delayed a bit but very satisfied and impressed by how they notified of the delays. Delivery n installation done by friendly uncle.

    Very happy and satisfied with the product and I would say that its worth its price tag. I love feeling the solid wood top’s texture and looking at the different colours on it. Truly a work of art as they described.

  17. Natasha

    I specifically asked for a darker shade of wood for my table top and they did so well in adhering to my request! The table is very sturdy and the Short version is more than enough space for me. Such a quality table!

  18. TanTX

    Quality wood, solid and sturdy. Worth the price, buy it and feel it

  19. YSLIM


  20. Mabel

    Just received my new standing desk from BALAK after a two-week wait. Impressed by the thick and sturdy tabletop, the quality is exceptional. Opted for the tall size, which is just right for accommodating my laptop and extended monitor. The spacious design and standing feature have definitely upped my productivity game. Plus, I’m loving the newly designed level control panel. Highly recommend this desk for its top-notch quality at such an affordable price!




  21. wei joa chin

    Received my new Balak table over the weekend. Self-installation was easy – video on YouTube was a great guide.
    Overall, the table is really sturdy and solid. Motor is silent and moves the table up and down with very minimal vibration.

  22. Ivan

    easy installation

  23. Mike Tan

    I been research for sometime and Balak offered the most competitive price among the solid wood PC desk market.
    Upon using it for few days, the desk is good in term of the following observation:
    -I was worry if the table can hold multiple PC/monitor/peripehal and etc, it proven to be solid
    -The stability of a table is questionable when it offered extendibility function, for Balak the table is extremely stable at 70cm (sitting pose) and stable at 100cm (standing pose) with slightly shaky if you purposely shake it but didnt affect regular usage scenario.
    -Motor sound is noticeable on the first day but gone after several days of usage, hence suspect only need lubricant.

    Overall it a recommeded buy if you’re looking for a solid wood table.

  24. zedanish

    Product: Table is sturdy. Genuine solid wood. Easy to install. Can support 2 monitors with table clamp monitor arm and a whole ATX PC. Very clean finish compared to other ‘gaming’ adjustable tables. All threaded holes had no issue, they even prepared extra holes underneath to allow for other possible attachments. Motor is decently silent, can still hear if you try to focus on it.

    Order/Delivery: It could be better. Make sure to contact them before purchasing for them to check available stocks, unless you don’t mind the wait. I ordered the white variant, date ordered is 23rd May, date received is 11th July. According to them, the part that was delayed was the white deskframe. Nonetheless, they gave generous compensation. I would order again.

    Overall, worth the price. Will recommend.

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