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WAYAR-LESS CABLE MANAGEMENT: Solution To Your Tangled Mess

With the growing number of electronic devices we use on a daily basis, the sight of a tangled mess of cables is all too familiar. We all know it’s a safety hazard, but is there really a convenient alternative? Read further to find out how you can manage your cables! 

Why You Need Proper Cable Management


Besides muttering a string of curses when we trip over a wire, have we stopped to consider a safe solution for this problem? A wire organiser lets you stow away your wires properly, out of everyone’s way so you can go about your day in a safer, more straightforward manner.

balaks wayarless product image 6
No more tripping over excess cables or getting your chair caught in a wire!

Lesser clutter

Nothing puts off the mood to work faster than a messy workspace! Cable organisers help declutter your work area and especially with under-desk cable management, you’ll be able to keep your desktop wire-free.

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Heat distribution

The science of it is logical – when things are messy and piled together, things get hot! With a cable organiser, you can keep your extension cords, chargers and plugs away from your computers, all objects that have a tendency to heat up and cause fires. This way, heat dissipation becomes much easier when everything is kept neatly apart. 

Easy Access

While it might be convenient to leave cables lying around, you’ll soon realise that a wire organiser actually provides faster and easier access to every charger you need! All it takes is the initial setup of the cable organiser, and now you have all the wires lined up ready to charge your phone, laptop and tablet anytime. This convenience alone should be the most convincing reason for you to get proper cable management.

Introducing: BALAK’S Wayar-Less Cable Management

The truth is, a neat desk can positively impact one’s mood and productivity. It can also minimise risks of injuries, electrical shocks and even fires caused by messy cables.

After 2 months of prototyping, designing and fine-tuning work, we’re proud to present the perfect cable management accessory for Meja and Meja Neo: Balak’s Wayar-Less.

Wayar-Less features the revolutionary architectural steel fabrication expertise of Stacos Stainless Steel, with whom we created Meja Mini before. Available in two versions, you can choose between the futuristic stainless steel or sleek powder-coated mould steel.

This under-the-desk cable organiser is designed to hide and organise small items like power plugs and wires.
No more tangled messes and unsightly clutter!

Interested in getting your cables in order? Check out the Wayar-Less Cable Organiser here now!

More on the Stacos Collection

The Wayar-Less Cable Organiser is part of the Stacos Collection, a collaboration between proud Penang brands BALAK’s and Stacos. With Stacos’ state-of-the-art architectural steel fabrication and BALAK’s expert craftsmanship, the collaboration yielded a series of stylish, functional and straightforward furniture pieces. For more information, check out our Stacos Collection page here!

A Little About BALAK’s 

A proud homegrown brand from Penang, BALAK’s focuses on manufacturing quality ergonomic standing desks. During our 35 years of experience in the industry, we have strived to attain the delicate balance between traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation, and accessible pricing, honouring raw materials as gifts of nature. Here, we use our knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist to promote comfort and convenience.

Shop the BALAK’S product collection here today for chairs, ergonomic height adjustable tables, speakers and more!