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Introducing: ASPEN – Komfy Edition | Balak’s Malaysia

This is an ergonomic office chair for those who want simplicity. No fuss, no frills. Just the simple essential features of a low back ergonomic chair to end your headaches shopping the infinite world of online furniture shops out there. 

balaks komfy product image main
The Komfy Ergonomic Office Chair features a simple, classic design. Just all the essential features you need in a chair.

How does an ergonomic chair work?

Ergonomics involves looking at how objects can be designed for the easiest and safest human interaction. In the case of an ergonomic office chair, it is designed to best support the body. Usually, it has features meant to consider a person’s posture, comfort, back support and health. 

How to use the Komfy Ergonomic Office Chair properly

Feature: Adjustable Seat Height 

Adjust the chair according to your height. Ensure that you can sit with both feet flat on the floor, and to ensure pelvic health, avoid crossing your legs for long periods of time. This posture will allow correct blood circulation within your legs.

Adjust the chair’s height until both feet can be placed flat on the floor. 

Feature: Backrest Lumbar Support

This office chair offers lumbar support, which means it ensures that your lower back is properly supported throughout the day to prevent back pain. It is an essential feature of an ergonomic chair, where the backrest supports the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. As such, it prevents slouching/slumping and reduces stress on the spine and pelvis. 

Sit up straight and avoid slouching. Your neck should be in a relaxed and neutral position. 

Feature: 3-Angle Locking Mechanism 

An adjustable backrest allows users to align the curve in the chair with the curve in their spine for optimal support. Adjust accordingly according to your activities and posture throughout the day – the backrest will take some weight off your upper body, reducing pressure on your spinal disks and muscles.

per chair collaboration komfy angels locking
per chair collaboration komfy background
Sit comfortably in the Balak’s Komfy Chair while you work all day.

Feature: Seat sliding function 

Slide the seat until the base of your spine and lower back can touch the backrest. This will make sure that you can entirely rely on the backrest of your office’s computer chair for lumbar support. 

Feature: Wheels & swivel 

Access different parts of your workstation easily without straining yourself – an underrated ergonomic function of a swivel office chair. A chair that has smooth, silent wheels is a small detail that can make a difference to your workday. Lock your wheels so they won’t roll around too much!

per chair collaboration komfy quality castor

Feature: Breathable Fabric

No more sweats! The Komfy chair is designed for Malaysian hot weather. Sit comfortably on our quality, ultra-breathable fabric material throughout your working day. 

Closeup of the breathable woven fabric that makes the chair aesthetically pleasing, as well as durable. 

Komfy Chair Feature Summary:

  • Ultra-breathable Fabric Material
  • Aluminum fixed armrest
  • German control mechanism
  • 3-angle locking mechanism
  • Seat sliding function
  • KGS class 4 gas lift
  • Smooth and silent castor
  • Weight capacity < 150kgs / 330Lbs
  • BIFMA standard
  • 5 Years Manufacturer warranty
balaks komfy product image main

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