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ZENSATION: Creating your Dreamscape with Essential Oils

We all spend a lot of time at our workplaces, whether it is a home office or company office. Therefore, your work environment is of utmost importance, and little details are what make or break your mood throughout the day. 

Aromatherapy is one of the fastest ways to change the vibe of a space. Working in a room that smells good would lift any mood! 

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Introducing: ZENSATION

Balak’s is proud to unveil a product of our collaboration with Hyāng —Zensation, a carefully crafted essential oil blend designed for calm focus. Take a deep breath and make space for what’s hidden within. 

Zensation: An Essential Oil Blend for Calm & Clarity

  1. Sandalwood – For a warm, creamy and exotic scent that can lower stress levels
  2. Peppermint – The menthol scent we’re familiar with, promotes focus
  3. Chamomile – A healing floral scent that calms you
  4. Vetiver – A dry, earthy scent that is balancing and grounding

The vision of Zensation:

Picture a meadow, white with dotted yellows. A field of chamomile, each ring of white surrounding a tiny ball of gold. The wind picks up, swaying the vetiver. You smell its earthiness laced with floral saccharine.

Far beyond, sandalwood stands; its warmth punctuated occasionally by the coldness of peppermint, like the sharp breath you draw when you come up for air after being underwater way too long. Towering as the perennials are, they’re only shielding you from prying eyes. This is your secret clearing – welcome back.

Calm focus is the theme of this scent. Our team has coined Zensation as the designated scent of Dreamscape, which is in short, the place where Balak’s vision takes shape, also the scent of our workspaces. We created Zensation to invite you into our Dreamscape, in hopes that you’d find your way back to yours, where your dreams take form.

What’s in the package?
Zensation includes a bottle of essential oil and also a wooden essential oil diffuser.

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What are the benefits of essential oil diffusers?

No water or electricity needed
Portable – bring and place it wherever you go
Diffuses any oil with no risk of corrosion
All-natural, aesthetically pleasing 

How many drops of essential oil should I put in the diffuser?

Just 2-3 drops should be effective, but feel free to increase and decrease the amount depending on your preferences for the aroma strength.

Want to make your workspace smell good? Shop Hyāng x Balak’s ZENSATION now!