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BALAK’S X TYDE DESK PAD: Why You Need A Desk Mat

So you’ve bought your dream work desk with a stunning finish. What’s next? Protect it, of course!

Many users building their complete workspace, e.g. gaming chair, ergonomic desk, monitor, mechanical keyboard, etc would start looking for ways to protect their fancy new equipment. This is where desk mats come in useful! Read further to learn why you might need a leather desk mat.

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The BALAK’S x TYDE Desk Pad 

Reasons To Use A Desk Mat

Grip: Keep slippery equipment in place

Do you notice how your mouse pad, keyboard, stationery or containers just keep sliding further along your desk? A mat makes them stay put in one place by providing a surface for traction! A desk mat also eliminates the need for a mousepad because its entire real estate would be mouse-friendly. This is handy for people with smooth tabletops that their mouse cannot detect. 

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts claim a more refined and comfortable typing experience as your keyboard is more stable. While this might be more nuanced, anyone can confirm that stability makes anything easier to use.

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Reduce wear and tear

Is your desk painted a light colour? Spent too much time picking out the perfect desk to risk damage from scratches? A desk mat eliminates this worry. Protect your desk surface from everyday wear and tear with a table mat today, e.g. scratches from the bottom of your mouse and equipment, or accidents when you’re using a blade to cut a parcel open. 


Stains are inevitable at a table that you use every day, whether it comes from food, ink or just dirt from the bottom of your bags. Keep your table pristine using a leather desk mat!

Introducing: BALAK’S x TYDE Desk Pad

We’re excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with TYDE to bring you a sturdy, minimalist leather desk pad that will be an elegant addition to your workspace! 


  • Meticulously handsewn by TYDE and designed to match our shared standards for high practicality and functionality
  • Adequate firmness for optimal comfort; protects your Meja wooden table from scratches and spills
  • Naturally and uniquely textured, inimitable like all BALAK’s furniture
  • Patinas with plenty of character and richness – be pleasantly surprised by the desk pad’s ever-evolving beauty over time

Much like solid wood, every piece of BALAK’S X TYDE Desk Pad is unique. Where Meja has wood grain, this leather table mat has one-of-a-kind creases and folds.

tyde demostration
Two sizes: 60x30cm (Small) and 90x30cm (Large) 

TYDE’s leather goods go through a stringent review and feedback process. They’re carefully researched, designed, prototyped, and tested over extended periods of time to ensure hitting their particular standards of functionality and durability. Their founders, Zi Xian and Joyce, design their products to last.

Made from Tuscany Vegetable Tanned Leather, this desk mat is durable to withstand daily wear and tear, yet very comfortable.

Interested in the BALAK’S X TYDE Desk Pad? Click here to view the product!The Desk Pad is also designed to complement our BALAK’S Meja solid wooden table series, check them out here!